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About Us

World Automotive Transmissions is your local transmission and powertrain repair shop. We run a complete transmission remanufacturing facility where all repairs are done in our 4,300 sq ft location.  An industry leading 3 year warranty comes standard on every overhaul, so you can trust your vehicle is in good hands.  We are transmissions experts. By maintaining our focus on the very best service at a fair price,, we are able to keep your transmission running strong.   Today’s transmissions are technological marvels; combining computer, hydraulic, and mechanical systems to get the engine’s power to the wheels. To be certain that we have the most current information to serve you best, our staff receives continuous training and updates from vehicle manufacturers as well as transmission specific technical resources such as ATRA , ATSG.AC Delco, and ASE  This also enables us to use our state of the art tools and computer diagnostic equipment to swiftly and accurately diagnose your vehicle’s problem and give you the most cost effective repairs. Our goal is to get your vehicle back on the road, and keep it there. So, if you’re having transmission trouble, come see why we’re the shop where your mechanic goes to get his transmissions repaired.We now also offer repairs on all vehice systems including suspensions,engines,timing belts,computer diagnostics brakes and more.  all general auto repairs also come with AC Delco assurance 24 month nationwide warranty and 12 months free Ac Delco roadside assistance with any repair.